Piper Brogue

Piper ghillie brogues with full leather upper and lining with a microcellular sole.

This shoe offers unsurpassed comfort. It utilises the latest technology including: micro-cellular rubber layering, full length high density padded insole, padded top-line for extra comfort and premium quality full leather upper.

"Take the pressure off your feet the day of a competition with the Piper Brogue."
Regimental Brogue

The culmination of extensive research into the requirements of the modern marching band and all those who value comfort. The ‘Regimental’ utilises the latest technology in shoe manufacture to achieve new levels of shock absorption and comfort with its 3 layer cushioning sole. An excellent shoe for marching and dancing. As used by the Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Scottish Power and Strathclyde Police pipe bands.

"It might take a few weeks to break them in but they will last a lifetime."
Blane Brogue

Premium quality, cemented sole Ghillie Brogue with full leather upper sole and calf leather lining to avoid sock staining. Padded top-line for additional comfort.

"A very smart brogue that will finish off your pipe band uniform in style."
Endrick Brogue

The Endrick is our budget brogue. Don’t be fooled by the price, this is a quality brogue that is tried and tested in Pipe Band competitons and parades. Made with Full leather upper, synthetic linings and sole. Padded top line for extra comfort.

"Quality doesn't have to come at a price, the Endrick brogue is excellent value for money."
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