Workshops & Schools

As a bagpipe maker we recognise that without the tireless work of teachers around the world the popularity of the highland bagpipe would not be what it is. It is very important for us to support workshops and schools and there are a number that we have partnered with for many years.

Our support depends on the requirements for the individual school and in the past we have provided financial support or prizes such as bagpipes to reward the students for their hardwork during the school.

Here are a few of the workshops and schools that we support:

The National Piping Centre Schools - Glasgow, Scotland
The College of Piping Schools - Glasgow, Scotland
Winter Storm - Kansas City, USA
ABSC - Gourin, Brittany France
Italian Spring Piping School - Isernia, Italy
Oran Mor Pipe Band Spring Training - Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

If you would like us to sponsor your workshop or school please contact us using the contact form.

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National Piping Centre

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The College of Piping

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Winter Storm