Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

We have sponsored Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band since 2006 and in that time we have reinvented the bands image wearing the Piper Range uniform. Since 2006 the band has won two World Championships and released the Re:Charged DVD and CD which is distributed by Hardie’s.

The support that FMMPB has provided to Hardies has been invaluable in the development and fine tuning of our products and we are proud that almost half of the band have chosen to play Bagpipes crafted by us. The expertise and professionalism of the band and its individual members ensures we are constantly challenged to produce the best.

In 2011 several pipers assisted with the development of the new pipe band chanter that we launched and a video of the chanter is demonstrated on our Youtube channel by General Manager, Alastair Dunn.

The band wear a customised uniform which includes the Drumalig tartan which was designed for the band in 2007.

We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Field Marshal Montgomery for many years to come.