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Dawn Baldwin Wins Pipes at Winter Storm…Then Gives Them Away!

Thanks to Dawn Baldwin for sharing this heartwarming story with us from Winter Storm in Kansas City, USA, on January 12 - 14, 2018. Dawn was the winner of the event’s raffle draw and won a set of PH01 Peter Henderson Bagpipes with Thistle engraving. Thanks to Dawn for telling us all about it - and why she then gave the set of pipes away - in this lovely email:

Dear Mr. Dunn,

This will be the second time that I have had the privilege of writing to you to thank you for your donation of bagpipes to the Winter Storm raffle in Kansas City.  I am still using the set that I won 2 years ago and truly enjoy playing them!  I was lucky enough to win the raffle again this year, much to my surprise, and that of Ken Eller, when he realized what was happening .

To give you some background.  We purchased 2 raffle tickets for the drums and 2 for the pipes, when we arrived at Winter Storm on Thursday night. Another piper from our group, Mark Hurm, had paid me for some bagpipe supplies that I had picked up for him, earlier in the day, and when we arrived at the concert on Saturday, it appeared that there were still many raffle tickets available, so I purchased 2 more pipe tickets with the money from Mark.  I have no idea which ticket was actually the winning ticket.

When I won the pipes 2 years ago, I had offered them to Mark, as I wasn’t ready to play them yet.  He refused to take them.  He is responsible for my being interested in the bagpipes and has been more than encouraging to me as I have progressed on this journey of learning to play the bagpipes and has always been there to help me and get me through the rough spots.  Without his support, I’m not sure that I would be playing the bagpipes or be a member of the MacKenzie Highlanders Pipes and Drums of Iowa. The bagpipes that I won at this year’s raffle are now in his capable hands.  I could think of no better way to thank him than to give him this beautiful set of bagpipes.  Fortunately this year he accepted the bagpipes, with a little convincing.

I would not have able to show my thanks and gratitude to Mark in such an appropriate way, had it not been for your donation. The encouragement you are providing to pipers with this donation cannot be adequately expressed.  I also had the chance to meet with the person who won last year’s raffle and he is still using the bagpipes you donated as his main set of bagpipes as he is so impressed with their quality. I will say that I can’t agree with him more!

I just wanted you to know that your donations may not always be used as you envisioned it, but it is more appreciated that you will ever know. Thank you so much for your donation of the bagpipes to Winter Storm.


Dawn Baldwin