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Product Enhancement

As part of our product improvement program we have been working with suppliers over a period to improve both the look and the durability of our imitation ivory. After a number of trials we have made the decision to change our material as we believe there are a number of consumer benefits. This change will happen progressively and thereafter the new material will be used on all products including bagpipes, practice chanters, Flexisticks and the new Blowsticks range as standard. We have taken steps to ensure that we will be able to supply the old material for years to come to provide a service on replacement parts and repairs. We ask that when making requests for old style replacement parts you refer to it as Alternative Ivory, this will avoid any confusion and ensure you get what you need.

The advantages of the new material are:
1/ More durable and less brittle therefore less likely to get damaged during shipping and everyday use.
2/ Much Improved colour match to aged ivory.

In 2010 we introduced threading to our nickel mounts. For 2011 all bagpipes with beaded nickel ferrules and ringcaps will have a 30tpi thread. This feature ensures you don’t need to worry about loose fittings when bagpipes are taken to warm dry climates where the wood will adapt to it’s environment.