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Hardies Sponsor World Class Events

We are delighted to support and sponsor events that promote the Great Highland Bagpipes. We have been working with these events for many years and we will continue this support.

We recognise the hard work of teachers and schools who introduce the bagpipes to the pipers of the future and the competitions that provide a platform for pipers to compare their skills and improve the standard of piping.

Make sure to book your place and support these events:

Pipes of Peace - Glasgow
Winter Storm - Kansas City, USA
Irish Piobaireachd Society - South of Ireland
Antwerp Piping and Drumming School - Belgium
The Metro Cup and Metro Express - New York, USA
College of Piping German School - Homburg, Germany
National Piping Centre Summer Schools - Worldwide
Piping Live! - Glasgow
Nicol Brown Amateur Invitational - Albany, NY, USA

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Pipes of Peace

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Piping Live!