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Fire Department, Irish and Breton Hardie bagpipes

This year we have introduced 3 custom designs for pipers looking to respect and honour their cultural background or services to the community through their bagpipes. The designs were carefully selected showing symbols that best represent the theme of the bagpipes. All models are available with imitation ivory or blackwood mounts and with standard or antique nickel finish.

The Irish design was conceived in consultation with an Irish American customer after a conversation at the Winter Steam party which takes place each year at Winter Storm, Kansas City. We are delighted with the final design which shows well known Irish symbols.

The Fire Department set shows symbols synonymous with fire services such as ladders, fire engine and water hydrant. This design is dedicated to the Firefighters around the world who protect and serve their communities, putting their lives at risk on a daily basis.

In partnership with Bruno Le Rouzic the Breton design includes artwork typical of the well known piping region, Brittany. This model is available exclusively from Celtic Sound.

For more information on price and delivery time please email us and we will put you in touch with our worldwide dealers.

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