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Duncan Campbell Retires

Our head turner and Master Craftsmen, Duncan Campbell is set to retire after 49 years service leaving us in great shape for the future. He has been repsonsible along with General Manager Alastair Dunn in defining the current range of bagpipes we hand craft, together with training the bagpipe makers of tomorrow.

To honour Duncan’s significant contribution and length of service we asked him to craft a full silver set of bagpipes that will be sold with the proceeds being split between Duncan and a National Piping Centre Charity. A Piper somewhere in the world will be able to buy a part of bagpipe making history. Duncan selected the wood for the bagpipes and worked his magic to produce one of the world’s finest bagpipes. The bores are perfect on this set and produce a beautiful sound.

When news broke of Duncan’s retirement he was featured on the well known online publication and also in Piping Today. This ensures Duncan’s contribution to piping and bagpipe making is recorded for future reference.

Duncan couldn’t go cold turkey on bagpipe making and is working a few days a week doing refurbishments and silver bagpipes. When the time comes where he retires competely he will be sorely missed.

For details on pruchasing please contact us using the contact form or contact the National Piping Centre.