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R.G. Hardie join Youtube

We have created our own channel on Youtube called RG Hardie and Company. The channel serves two purposes. The first recognises the stellar performances and accolades won by the many top pipers who use our instruments and the second is to use our vast experience to provide useful information for beginners and the prize winners of the future.

We are very fortunate that pipers have chosen our instruments as their preferred choice and won so many of the top prizes including World Pipe Band Championships, Gold Medals and Glenfiddich Solo Championships. The channel features videos of those pipers and bands using our instruments which we hope you will enjoy.

We recognise that pipers around the world may be isolated and not have access to a teacher, we understand the complexity of learning to play the bagpipes and the daunting task of what to do when you receive your first set of bagpipes. As a result we have created some short films that provide advice on how we recommend to best maintain your bagpipes.