Featured Artist

Finlay MacDonald

Head of Piping Studies at the National Piping Centre & front of The Finlay MacDonald Band

Matt Willis

Celtic rock piper Matt hails from Texas, USA and is Pipe Major of Metroplex United Pipe Band

Brian Morrison

From Halifax, Canada, Brian is a retired Canadian Forces Pipe Major.

Simon Blackshaw

A talented piper and composer from Melbourne Australia

Adrian Melvin

A talented piper who has dedicated his life to bagpipes. He has lived on 3 continents and is in demand as a teacher, judge and pipe reed maker.

René Oterdoom

Piper in the Dutch Pipes and Drums, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Liam Kernaghan

Winner of the 2010 New Zealand Silver Chanter and member of the 2012 New Zealand Grade 1 Championships, Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band.

Alexander Schiele

A talented young piper with Canadian Pipe Band, Dowco Triumph Street, Alexander shares his piping stories.

Ashley McMichael

A well known piper on the Northern Ireland scene he is now establishing a succesful solo career.

Scott Nicolson

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand and now living in Ballarat, Australia, he is a successful Pipe Major with qualifications to match.

Josh ‘Scruffy’ Wallace

Piper with the well known Irish rock band the Dropkick Murphys.

Connor Sinclair

A young piper with a promising future.

Tam McGirr

A well known Australian Piper and advisor to St. Kilda Retail Australia.

Sgt. John JT Taylor

A Senior Military Instructor with a Passion for the Great Highland Bagpipes